Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society Creates Owner Assistance Programs for Gelding and Euthanasia in Texas


(COLLEGE STATION, TX  July 23, 2019) The Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society (BEHS) has created two new owner assistance programs designed to reduce the population of unwanted horses and to help owners of horses in need of humane euthanasia.


Recently, the BEHS Board of Directors allocated resources to fund two new programs: The Rainbow Bridge Program designed to assist owners of suffering horses with the expense of humane euthanasia, and the Cuter When Neutered program, designed to help horse owners have their stallions gelded.


There are an estimated 200,000 unwanted horses in the United States each year.  Both of these new programs aim to reduce that number.  Many of these unwanted horses are suffering and have a veterinarian-recommended euthanasia plan but are instead surrendered to rescues, abandoned or sold to uncertain futures at an auction because their owners cannot afford to humanely euthanize them.  The Rainbow Bridge Program works with licensed veterinarians across Texas to identify those owners and horses in need and help with the costs of euthanasia.


The Cuter When Neutered Program has the goal of preventing unplanned and unwanted horse pregnancies thereby reducing the number of unwanted horses.  Cuter When Neutered can help owners of stallions with the costs associated with having the horses gelded.


Both programs welcome applicants until each year’s resources are depleted.  The rescue also accepts donations directly to either program to provide assistance to more horses and their owners.


BEHS is a 501(c)(3) equine welfare and protection organization that operates throughout Texas.

For more information, visit us http://www.bluebonnethorseexpo.com/ or (888) 542 5163