Join the EWDC today!

Here’s how to join the hundreds of organizations across the country that contribute to the data collective:
  1. Have your organization’s EIN number and equine records on hand.
  2. Complete the 2021 EWDC Organization profile.  This must be done once per year.
  3. Choose the link that corresponds to the time period you would like to submit data for.
Who is eligible to participate in the EWDC?
Any 501c3 or state-registered nonprofit or municipal organization that functions as a transition center, adoption center, rescue, sanctuary, shelter, direct placement program, safety net program, or other service involved in equine welfare.

Here’s where to submit:

2020: Data for 2020 is entered in 6 month aggregates (Jan-June, July-Dec)

Data for 2021 is entered monthly (Jan, Feb, March, etc)


To request a copy of your submitted data or proof of participation:

  • Contact us at EWDC@HorseCouncil.Org and include “EWDC Report Request” in the subject line.
  • We will be happy to provide you with a certified letter confirming your data submission along with a copy of the data you have submitted
  • You can request this copy in either PDF or .xls format – just specify in your e-mail.
  • If the person requesting the report is not who submitted the data initially, please copy the original submitter in your request so they can give approval for us to release the data to you.


We understand your organization is sharing sensitive data with the EWDC. We will never share any information without your explicit permission. Your data will remain anonymous when analyzed. Any identifying records you submit with this survey today will be used for verification purposes only.

Need help organizing your records for data submission? Try our Excel template!

Questions? Suggestions? Contact us!

Owning Responsibly:

The United Horse Coalition is a broad alliance of equine organizations that have joined together under the American Horse Council to educate the horse industry about the issues facing horses at-risk or in transition. We seek to provide information for existing and prospective owners, breeders, sellers, and horse organizations regarding the long-term responsibilities of owning and caring for horses, as well as focusing on the opportunities available for these horses.

Our Mission:

Through industry collaboration, the UHC promotes education and options for at-risk and transitioning horses.

Join the Cause Today!

Our members are the heart and soul of the United Horse Coalition, and they are the driving force behind the work we do.  As a collaborative effort, it’s important that the United Horse Coalition be comprised of many different organizations that can come together as one collective voice to help at-risk horses and those in transition.  We cannot support and sustain the wonderful work UHC does without its members!