Equine Discounts joins United Horse Coalition as New Member Benefit

January 17, 2024


Equine Discounts joins United Horse Coalition as a New Member Benefit


Now becoming a member of the nation’s only equine program dedicated to helping responsible horse owners and assisting those who need the help is even more rewarding. The United Horse Coalition (UHC) is excited to announce its new partnership with My Equine Discounts.


This new partnership makes all UHC members at all levels eligible for discounts with Big Ass Fans, John Deere, Sherwin Williams, Farmers Insurance, and ODP Business Solutions.


The potential for savings can mean more than just paying for your UHC membership. For example, John Deere offers a Cash Bonus Program where all members can save up to $2,700 with stackable vouches and special financing. Or help your rescue become more energy efficient while saving money with a 25% discount on qualifying purchases through Big Ass Fans. Or get the most protection for your valuable dollar with insurance from Farmers Insurance, which offers multiple discounts and policy perks.


The possibilities are endless.


“We are delighted to be able to offer this discount program to our members,” says Ashley Harkins, director of the UHC. “This can provide an opportunity for our member organizations to possibly make some purchases they maybe couldn’t do before.”


Established in 2006, the UHC is a neutral entity and broad alliance of equine organizations that have joined together under the American Horse Council to educate, advocate, and collaborate industry-wide on solutions to the issues that surround our nation’s at-risk horses and those in transition. It is a program that is funded solely by memberships and donations.


The UHC ensures that every horse owner has access to the resources they need to keep their horse(s) safe at home should they fall on hard times, or barring that, help provide options to rehome their horse responsibly, ensuring that no horse need be put in a situation where they become at-risk.

In addition to these essential resources, the UHC provides free presentations and educational materials to current and prospective equine owners on responsible horse ownership and breeding, estate planning, preparing for euthanasia and aftercare, responsible rehoming options, and more.

UHC members will need to contact UHC@horsecouncil.org to request a membership certificate to utilize this benefit.

To help us, help the equine industry, and the owners who need our support the most, please consider becoming a United Horse Coalition nonprofit, or organizational member: https://unitedhorsecoalition.org/become-a-member/ 

For more information on Equine Discounts, visit: http://equinediscounts.com