Purina Animal Nutrition Reaches 800 Total Tons of Donated Feed to Help Give Horses a Second Chance with A Home for Every Horse

January, 17, 2017 – Boulder, Colorado — Purina Animal Nutrition once again pledged up to $150,000 in free feed to rescue shelters through its continuing partnership with A Home for Every Horse, a program dedicated to finding homes for horses in need of adoption or fostering. This is the fifth year that Purina provided funding to feed rescue horses. Many equine rescue shelters struggle to give adoptable horses the resources they need to thrive, including veterinary care, shelter, training and proper nutrition. A Home for Every Horse helps these rescue shelters meet the demands of fostering and rehabilitating rescue horses by providing assistance and much-needed high quality feed.

“A key component in combatting the growing number of neglected and malnourished horses is ensuring the rescue organizations who take them in are equipped with resources to bring them back to good health,” said Dr. Kelly Vineyard, equine nutritionist, Purina Animal Nutrition. “Proper nutrition is important in horse rehabilitation, and through our ongoing partnership with A Home for Every Horse, we continue to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of rescue horses by providing feed to aid in bringing them back to good health.”

The program builds on the success of previous years, which has seen nearly 600 rescue shelters across the country sign up to receive support. To date, the company has donated more than 800 tons of feed to rescue shelters.

“The Unwanted Horse Coalition has been proud to partner with A Home for Every Horse the past five years,” said UHC Director, Jennifer Purcell.  “We continue to see the photos and hear the success stories that demonstrate the program’s positive impact on rescue horses and the organizations that care for them.  The equine industry understands the plight of unwanted horses and is working through this program and others to offer support.”

Rescue Shelter Sign-Ups

Rescue shelters can benefit from the program by submitting their nonprofit paperwork to A Home for Every Horse and completing the 2017 A Home for Every Horse rescue application. The simple registration process requires 501(c)(3) verification and offers benefits such as free feed from Purina and free listings of adoptable horses on Equine.com. Shelters can email 501(c)(3) forms and the application to ahfeh@equine.com or mail them to 5720 Flatiron Parkway, Boulder, CO 80301.

Participating rescue shelters can choose from a variety of Purina® horse feeds to match the nutritional needs of their horses. Eligible feeds include Purina® Strategy® GX, Strategy® Healthy Edge® and Equine Senior® horse feeds. These options help rescue shelter operators rehabilitate and provide ongoing nutritional care to horses at varying stages of recuperation.

For more information about A Home for Every Horse and to view adoptable horses, go to ahomeforeveryhorse.com.

To learn more about feeding rescue horses, connect with Purina Animal Nutrition and A Home for Every Horse at www.purinamills.com/horse-feed, or Purina Horse Feed on Facebook and Twitter.


About A Home for Every Horse

A Home for Every Horse is a joint effort with The American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition, which seeks to place, foster and sponsor America’s homeless horses. In addition to Purina Animal Nutrition, other partners of A Home for Every Horse include Tractor Supply Company, WeatherBeeta, Zoetis, and ElectroBraid. Additionally, The Equine Network is using its connection with more than 1.5 million horse owners to promote the program and offer free horse listings to participating rescue shelters.

About Purina Animal Nutrition

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC (www.purinamills.com) is a national organization serving producers, animal owners and their families through more than 4,700 local cooperatives, independent dealers and other large retailers throughout the United States. Driven to unlock the greatest potential in every animal, the company is an industry-leading innovator offering a valued portfolio of complete feeds, supplements, premixes, ingredients and specialty technologies for the livestock and lifestyle animal markets. Purina Animal Nutrition LLC is headquartered in Shoreview, Minn. and a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc.