The United Horse Coalition seeks to build a national resource database of safety net programs available to help at-risk horses.


April 2nd 2020

 UHC has pushed up the release of its resource database questionnaire in the wake of COVID-19, in an effort to compile a listing of all known safety net programs available in the nation to help owners who are in need.  It is our hope, that by having one centrally located area to access these resources, we will help owners keep their horses from becoming at-risk during these trying times.

For the past year UHC has been building a National Resource Database to benefit at-risk equines, and those in transition.  The database contains a list of all known resources available nationwide to help current horse owners, prospective horse owners, rescues, sanctuaries, and the equine industry as a whole.  A “resource” is considered anything that could be used for the betterment of horses at-risk or in transition.  This includes but is not limited to: horse rescues and sanctuaries, direct placement organizations, feed assistance, temporary foster, castration assistance, veterinary funding or assistance, euthanasia programs and clinics, behavior modification assistance, law enforcement services, legal advice, and educational materials on responsible ownership.

This questionnaire is currently being sent to the following:

  • All known equine welfare organizations nationwide that have a current (501c3) status
  • 4H Groups
  • Extension Specialist
  • Veterinary Colleges and Universities
  • State Horse Councils
  • State Horse Specialists
  • State Veterinarians/DAR
  • Municipal Groups that assist with horses
  • Equine Industry Organizations

We implore your organization to take part in this questionnaire and help the United Horse Coalition build upon an already successful resource database.  At this time, we will be adding safety net programs to our site as the results come to us in an effort to get as much information out as possible in a timely manner during the pandemic.

Though currently in development, this information will eventually also be part of a searchable database on the website to make it even easier for those in need of safety net programs to access the information they require.  For example, an owner in need of a hay bank, will put in the zip code of the area in which they reside and what type of resource they are in need of, and the search database will display any available resources in their vicinity.

We are excited to see the good that will come from having one centrally located area for everyone to access these critical resources.

The brief questionnaire can be completed by going to our website here:  https://unitedhorsecoalition.org/resource-database/

We are all in this together, and if we put our collective minds to work, we will come out of it together as well.  With much thanks for your time and your help in this endeavor.

Kind regards,

Ashley Harkins

Director – United Horse Coalition

1616 H Street NW, 7th Floor

Washington DC, 20006

202-817-3936 (phone)


“Kindness uplifts the world.” – Anna Harris Smith