Here’s a little bit about what we’ve been busy working on lately!

Releases Inaugural Report

The Equine Welfare Data Collective (EWDC) is proud to announce the release of its September 2019 Report. The inaugural report contains an assessment of data from 2017 and the first half of 2018 of at-risk and transitioning equines and the organizations assisting them.

“This data report is a steppingstone to understanding the demographics of at-risk equines and those in transition, the needs of the organizations taking custody of them, and the opportunities for growth within the community,” said Julie Broadway, President of the American Horse Council.

We encourage any UHC Members who haven’t already done so, to submit your data!

UHC Searchable Resource Database

It’s full steam ahead for the UHC Searchable Resource Database, with phase one almost complete!

The UHC has been busy on all fronts as we continue auditing our extensive Master Contact List.   For those not aware, the UHC Master Contact List contains a database of all known Rescues, Sanctuaries, Municipal groups, State Horse Councils, State Extension Specialists, 4H Groups, State Veterinarians, and various other groups who all play a role in potentially providing any Resource that may assist horses at-risk or in transition.

Once the current list is audited (this includes removing those 501c3s who no longer exist or have had their exemption revoked, updating contact information, etc) we will be adding in additional contacts that may not be on the current list.

When this is completed, we will be contacting everyone on the list to ask a series of questions pertaining to what resources they are able to, or potentially able to provide horses at-risk or in transition.  This information will be compiled in a way so that we can create a National Searchable Database on our website.  For example, utilizing this information, we will be able to provide a list of any known organizations who provide safety net programs; hay bank, feed, veterinary, castration, or castration assistance Nationwide.  (This is just a short sample of some of the Resources available.)  It will also include Resources such as grants available, and even training opportunities for Rescues.  The potential for this database is limitless, and its ability to help horses at-risk or in transition is sorely needed.  We are very excited to see this project progress!

Equine Management Software Options

In addition to the UHC Resource Database, we have been working on Barn Management Software options for Rescues and Sanctuaries.

In the near future UHC will be looking to gather some feedback from its members regarding some of the issues they are coming across when it comes to software they are currently using so that we can compile the feedback and get it to the companies in question.  This includes some collaboration with various software companies in existence.

It is our hope we will be able to identify some new options as well as improve upon the ones already in existence to help Rescues with better record keeping.  Better record keeping leads to better strategic planning, which in turn leads to better sustainability for our Rescues and Sanctuaries.

Successful Partnerships for Equine Welfare

We are also excited about the continued success of our wonderful partnership with A Home For Every Horse and the ability to provide much needed feed to eligible Rescues through the help of Purina Horse Feeds.  Feed coupons were mailed out in July and had a direct impact on those who received them.

Administrative Updates

UHC has moved onto a new invoicing software for its members.  Members will now be invoiced on the first of the month in which their membership is due.  If you have any questions regarding when your membership is due, please contact: uch@horsecouncil.org

UHC Social Media

We love sharing new and innovative ideas with the rest of our members (and the industry!)  If you would like us to share any events, programs, or updates pertaining to your organization, please e-mail us the information at uhc@horsecouncil.org

UHC Round Up

Have any programs that you’d like to share with the community that you think can help assist at-risk or transitioning Equines?  Would you like to share some happy endings and uplifting stories with us? Feel free to send them along for our UHC Round-Up Newsletter! uhc@horsecouncil.org

Upcoming Events

UHC will be hosting a booth this year at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts, from November 7th-10th.  We will be sharing a booth with the American Horse Council, Equine Welfare Data Collective, and Time to Ride Programs.  Be sure to stop by and say hi!

A big welcome to our new members as well!  As a coalition, the UHC by it’s very nature is driven by collaboration between it’s Member Organizations. 

We always strive to be an open minded and transparent organization, and encourage any input, suggestions, or questions from our members.
Contact:  uhc@horsecouncil.org