United Horse Coalition Annual Meeting Highlights

United Horse Coalition Annual Meeting Highlights

The United Horse Council (UHC) was pleased to present a Panel Discussion on “Owning Responsibly” and “Social License to Operate” moderated by David O’Connor and including Dr. Jim Heird, Dr. Kent Allen, Dr. Shauna Spurlock, and Jennifer Toussaint (Animal Welfare League/National Animal Control Association). An amazing discussion was had that continued well past its scheduled time as everyone was so actively contributing. Highlights from the Panel can be seen in the conference video.

UHC Manager Andrea Manley presented the annual updates for the UHC and plans moving forward. In the works are research plans for a universal hotline and/or virtual assistant to provide greater accessibility to equine owners and enthusiasts. This will connect them with the resources they need to reduce at-risk horses and those in transition, while also fostering responsible ownership.

Upgrading existing partnerships and creating new ones has allowed the UHC to have a greater reach and benefit our existing members in new ways. Partnerships with programs such as Equine Network have allowed the UHC to work with A Home For Every Horse and MyNewHorse.com to provide resources and educational materials to a new audience.

In working with the community, we have discovered potential new ways to better support rescues and sanctuaries through fostering alliances and collaboration with local stakeholders. We will be looking at how we can create these partnerships and alliances in each state, improving collaboration and shared resources to reduce the at-risk and in-transition horses.

Overall membership has increased with the UHC and is expected to continue in an increasing fashion as we create these new partnerships and opportunities.

Any questions can be directed to UHC@horsecouncil.org