Be a Responsible Owner – Don’t let them become a statistic.

No one expects a lifetime of love to change.

So, what happens to your horse, when something happens to you?

Life is uncertain. Most horses in rescues are there because something happened to their owner.

Don’t let yours become a statistic. Be a Responsible Owner.

Plan ahead and know your resources. The United Horse Coalition can help.

To learn more about the many educational resources available (all free!) to help owners plan for responsible ownership click here:

  • Estate Planning for your horse
  • Questions to ask when re-homing your horse
  • Programs that extend the useful lives of horses
  • Options for owners who cannot keep their horse
  • End of life decisions and euthanasia
  • Aftercare options for equines
  • And more!

The United Horse Coalition also has presentations and recordings available on responsible ownership which can be found here:  Webinars and Recordings – United Horse Coalition.  If you, or someone you know are in need of help finding resources and safety net services local to you, please check the United Horse Coalitions Equine Resource Database for help.

Not sure where to start?  Reach out to the United Horse Coalition and we can help!

Be a responsible owner. Don't let them become a statistic. Lone horse walking in a foggy pasture. United Horse Coalition.