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Equine Network Foundation ‘A Home For Every Horse’ and United Horse Coalition Strengthens Partnership to Benefit At-Risk Equines Nationwide


Contact: Ashley Harkins

United Horse Coalition

Phone: 202-296-4031

Email: uhc@horsecouncil.org



Equine Network Foundation ‘A Home For Every Horse’ and United Horse Coalition Strengthens Partnership to Benefit At-Risk Equines Nationwide


Many hooves make light work. With this in mind, A Home for Every Horse, an Equine Network Foundation program, and the United Horse Coalition (UHC) have strengthened their partnership to enhance support for at-risk equines and their owners across the nation. The UHC is a program of the American Horse Council Foundation and serves as a vital link connecting owners and horses in need with essential resources nationwide.  A Home for Every Horse endeavors to offer assistance to those organizations that provide these essential resources, serving as a means of giving back and supporting those who tirelessly contribute to the welfare of horses.


“We are excited to continue to leverage the strengths of both organizations and streamline access to resources for horse owners and at-risk equines. Equally vital is our commitment to bolstering support for the rescues and sanctuaries that serve them.” As, Julie Broadway, President of AHC emphasizes: “We cannot assist one without supporting the other.”


Rescue and sanctuary organizations will now benefit from a more streamlined process– requiring just one application for joint AHFEH/UHC membership.  With the convenience of updating any changed information as needed through the UHC’s Member Portal, valuable time spent on redundant applications is significantly reduced.


The best part of all of this?


It’s free!


Membership with AHFEH/UHC is offered at no cost to registered 501c3 rescue and sanctuary organizations across the United States. This inclusive membership provides access to benefits from AHFEH and UHC sponsors such as Purina, Absorbine, Tractor Supply, Weatherbeeta, and Equine Discounts, all of whom are dedicated to enhancing support for equine welfare initiatives.


“The Equine Network Foundation is proud to be expanding A Home for Every Horse in 2024 and sponsoring qualified 501c3’s membership to UHC is just one of the programs we are looking to this year,” said Melissa Kitchen, President of the ENF.  “We value the partnership we have with UHC, welfare of the horse is front and center in all that we do, and together we stand by our commitment to help rescues take care of the horses in need.”


Check out the Benefits!

  • Access to Equine Discounts promotions, including Sherwin Williams, John Deere, Big Ass Fans, ODP Solutions, and Farmers Solutions, and more!


  • Gain access to the Member Portal area and listings in the UHC’s Equine Resource Database


  • Educational Resources on Responsible Horse Ownership and Resources for Rescues on the UHC website.


  • Free Purina Feed Coupons in the Spring and Fall of each year.


  • Free and unlimited listings for rescue horses on equine.com


  • Receive a Weatherbeeta blanket for new horse owners upon adoption through Equine.com


  • Additional benefits from the AHFEH Sponsors


  • Plus, many more exciting benefits!


Qualifying is easy for rescues and sanctuaries.

To qualify, you must be a registered 501c3 Equine Rescue or Sanctuary operating within the United States of America, holding a valid IRS Form 990 within the past three years. Additionally, AHFEH and UHC will require biannual updates via your member portal area for the following information:

  1. Would you like to remain a member of AHFEH / UHC?
  1. Check your contact information and ensure that it is correct.
  2. Respond to the AHFEH-specific questions in the member portal area. (3 questions.)
  3. Submit your stories to AHFEH to highlight the great horses, volunteers and programs in the rescue world . (Great exposure for your organization!)
  4. Rescues must actively list available rescue horses for adoption on Equine.com (free to members!)
  5. Submit your data to the EWDC (only required to be eligible for the free Purina Feed coupons, Weatherbeeta blankets, or any other AHFEH promotions.)  *The Organization must have submitted all relevant data for the current EWDC collection period. If more organizations meet requirements than coupons available, then a lottery system will be instilled.


For more information, or to apply, please click the following link:

(Current UHC Members do NOT need to re-submit an application.)





About A Home for Every Horse


A Home for Every Horse was created in 2011 as a result of a partnership between the Equine Network, the largest membership and subscription-based equine business in the US, and The American Horse Council’s United Horse Coalition. The program provides a resource for 501(c)(3) horse rescue organizations. The A Home for Every Horse program helps connect rescue horses in need of homes, in over 400 rescues across the United States, with people looking for horses.


About the United Horse Coalition


The United Horse Coalition is a broad alliance of equine organizations that have joined together under the American Horse Council to educate the horse industry about the issues facing horses At-Risk, or in transition. We seek to provide information for existing and prospective owners, breeders, sellers, and horse organizations regarding the long-term responsibilities of owning and caring for horses, as well as focusing on the opportunities available for these horses.